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One dog yard done…

One of our 4 rail, wire mesh, dog yards is done.  I put Jeremiah in it for a test - and watching him run, without a leash or a trolley line, free to turn and move and go in any direction, it was a beautiful, heartwarming site.

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Kennel – it’s getting there….

What a gorgeous weekend!  Perfect for outdoor painting, and that is what Rich and I did.  The kennel is now painted on the outside, and has shutters. We've started the inside finishing.  And the most fantastic news is... we have water!  The hose had separated (4 feet underground) and the plumber had to dig it up and put it back together.   Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

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Marjani Kennel has passed Final Building Inspection

With great joy and relief, the county of Loudoun has given the kennel its final inspection, and it has passed.  Now the real work begins for Rich and I to finish the interior.  The next big step - having Animal Control give it their blessing...

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