What’s in a name?

I am often asked how I came up with the name “Marjani.”  Marjani is Swahili for “Coral, Red Coral.” Swahili is the language spoken in Central-Eastern Africa,  which is from where Basenji’s originate. I chose Marjani for my kennel name since with this one word, I was able to combine my love for scuba diving and sea life with my love for the African Basenji

How long have I been in Basenjis?

As a young child, I wanted a dog; not a cat, not a pony, a DOG.  However, I was born with allergies and asthma, and received weekly allergy shots and was on constant medication.  Through the weekly injections, my dream never faded – I would someday have a dog, even though the allergist was adamant against it.  As I matured, my allergies weren’t as severe, and the glorious day came when the doctor agreed I could have a dog – though her stipulation was that it had to be a small, short-haired dog.  I researched all the breeds, and being the type of person that always wants something a little unique, I chose the Basenji.

My parents gave me my first Basenji as a Christmas present when I was 16 years old.  Cindy (Bazimba’s Cinnamon Lady) taught all of us many things about the breed, and I remember her fondly.  She was with me through high school, my undergraduate studies and my graduate work.  Bless her heart, she stuck with me all the way through the long hours of my dissertation. It was a difficult time for both of us, but together we did it.

A few years after Cindy’s passing, I ventured back into the joy of having a Basenji, this time with Floyd (Akuaba’s No Holds Barred, JC, CGC).  Floyd and I had many adventures together, and he had some adventures without me.  But it was Floyd, and his wonderful personality, calm demeanor, and loving attitude that brought me back to Basenjis, and encouraged me to follow my expanded dream – to have my own kennel and kennel name.

Floyd lived to see the first Basenjis come into the house carrying the Marjani name.  I can’t say he was thrilled with puppies, but he tolerated them.  The puppies grew, and today they are the foundation of my own breeding stock.

Our philosophy

My belief is that a family dog must have good health and pleasant temperament, first and foremost. To this end, any dog that I sell, I have the parents health tested – I want all the puppies from Marjani to live a long life, giving their new owners the maximum number of years of pleasure.  I also will only breed dogs that have temperaments that I would want to own.  Icing on the cake (for me) is having a dog with a drive to be “more” – whether it is to excel as a show dog or a performance dog.  Our breeding stock has this, but not every puppy will. And that’s okay, every puppy is loved and nurtured, and my first priority is to make sure every puppy goes to a new home where they will be loved and enjoyed, and in return they will give the joy of unconditional love for many years to their new owners.

Why choose us?

Marjani Basenji breeds for the “whole package” – health, temperament, structure and personality.  Most puppies grow into family pets, where they will be cherished.  Having good health and structure helps to reduce the chance for early pain and suffering, and having a nice temperament and personality makes the dog easy to own.  My goal is for every puppy buyer to be happy with their decision to have a Marjani basenji.

Marjani in summary

Basenji and Miniature Dachshund breeder located in Northern Virginia. Puppies and adults for sale. Stud Service available. Dogs health tested. AKC registered. AKC and UKC Champions.