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Good Weekend!

Bob, Jazz and Gayle had a marvelous weekend at the dog shows in Millwood, VA.  After a slow start on Friday, Jazz went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on Saturday for a 4 point major.  Gayle was Winners Bitch on Sunday. And Bob was Winners Dog for a 4 point major on Saturday, AND Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday for another 4 points.  All of this over a weekend with miserable weather - 45 degrees, windy

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Maddie’s Close Call

Yesterday, the wind started howling - and I hoped we would finally get some rain. In anticipation, I brought all the dogs into the house (they are not fond of being pelted by raindrops.)  The winds continued their onslaught on the forest, causing leaves to swirl about chaotically.  Libbey and I were hunkering down together on the sofa, safe and sound, when a large tree branch broke lose from above and crashed to th

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