NEWS: Gayle will be bred in 2012 – she may be borrowed by a friend, or I will have her bred.  She was a great mom, and a superb producer.  I look forward to her next litter.

BIO: Gayle is a charming girl, that smiles frequently – usually while she is playing (or tormenting) the other dogs.  She loves her morning time, as I try to convince her to come out of her crate, she prefers to roll over and play “Patty Paw”.  When she finally ambles out, she loves to have her morning scratches and ear rubs.

HEALTH: Click here for Gayle’s OFA official health report.  She is:

  • Fanconi Clear,
  • Hips Good,
  • Elbows, Patella, Thyroid Normal,
  • CERF
  • CHIC #66961


2 points on June 26, 2010, under judge Mrs. Lorraine Boutwell at the VKC show in Richmond, VA
1 point on August 18, 2010  under judge Mr. Charles Olvis at the Danville Kennel Club in  Greensboro, NC
1 point on August 19, 2010 under judge Dr. Alvin Krause at the Danville Kennel Club in Greensboro, NC
1 point on October 22, 2010 under judge Mrs. Phyllis M. Wolfish at the Laurel Highlands Kennel Association in Cumberland, MD
2 point on October 23, 2010 under judge Mr. Joe Tacker at the Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club in Cumberland, MD
1 point on November 4, 2010 under judge Rita Biddle
1 point on November 5, 2010 under judge Christine Calcinari
2 points in October, 2o11

All she needs is majors….

I know she has two more two point wins…

PEDIGREE: Click thumbnail below for her pedigree:

Gayle's Pedigree

Gayle's Pedigree