MaddieNEWS: Maddie was bred in the fall of 2012.  After Maddie has this litter, she will be spayed and will be looking for a pet home to live as queen of the house. If you are interested, drop me a line!

BIO: Maddie has eight more lives… she used one up when she tried to fly – much to my horror, she leapt from a second story window to play with her Basenji pals below.   She landed perfectly on the small patch of dirt, between the rock pile and the leftover construction bricks.  The vet decided she was fine… though I am sure my heart stopped that day!  Maddie remains the basenji that seeks to be the center of attention, loving everyone, but she has turned in her wings and stays on the ground.

HEALTH: Click here for Maddie’s official OFA page.  Maddie is

  • Fanconi Clear
  • Elbows and Patella Normal
  • Hips Good


Maddie's Pedigree

Maddie’s Pedigree