My belief is that a family dog must have good health and pleasant temperament, first and foremost. To this end, any dog that I sell, I have the parents health tested – I want all the puppies from Marjani to live a long life, giving their new owners the maximum number of years of pleasure.  I also will only breed dogs that have temperaments that I would want to own.  Our dogs are raised with and around our children, who enjoy handling them in the ring and playing with them in the yards.  Icing on the cake (for me) is having a dog with a drive to be “more” – whether it is to excel as a show dog or a performance dog.  Our breeding stock has this, but not every puppy will. And that’s okay, every puppy is loved and nurtured, and my first priority is to make sure every puppy goes to a new home where they will be loved and enjoyed, and in return they will give the joy of unconditional love for many years to their new owners.