Marjani is located in Hillsboro, VA, which is in northern Loudoun county, about 10 miles from the West Virginia border.  It’s God’s Country out here – rolling hills, farms, clean air, and you can see the stars illuminating the night.  We are in the heart of Virginia’s wine country, and have a vineyard as our neighbor.  Wild berries grow in our yard, a creek  meanders through our forest, and our chickens (all three of them) snack on just about anything they can find.

The Marjani kennel has eight dog pens. We decided to keep the number low so I can be sure each dog receives personal attention every day – whether it be playing with toys, grooming, training, or just a good old back scratch and massage.  They take turns coming into the house, learning the rules, and playing with the family.  Our dogs are given the opportunity to live life to the fullest – much like we try to do.  They participate in any event that they show a desire to do, whether it be conformation, lure coursing, rally obedience, or any other performance event in which they show aptitude.  And when the day comes that they want to relax – that is fine too, they make the best couch potatoes and snuggle buddies.