Anxiously waiting…..

I have been quiet on my blog… but we have been busy!  Maddie is going to her new forever home this weekend.  And then just wait till July – I expect many reports about my puppies in the ring – winning, playing, making a fool out of me, giving kisses to the judges, playing at shows…  In fact, the group are headed to a show in May to see all the dogs, get microchipped, and see what...

Gayle’s pups and Maddie’s pups

More pictures! Gayle’s pups are 5 weeks old in this picture sequence (white towel) and Maddie’s pups are 4 weeks old (also on white towel) Gayle Puppies Maddie Puppies

Puppy pix updated

Gayles pups are now 23 days, with open eyes and ravenous appetites. Maddie’s pups are about to have their eyes open, and are all of 13 days along…. Gayle: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rscherzinger/sets/72157625611465377/with/5391703144/ Maddie:...

Maddie’s Puppies Arrived – Jan 13, 2011

Maddie had her pups!  4 in all – 2 boys and 2 girls! To see more of the pups, go to: ...

Maddie’s Close Call

Yesterday, the wind started howling – and I hoped we would finally get some rain. In anticipation, I brought all the dogs into the house (they are not fond of being pelted by raindrops.)  The winds continued their onslaught on the forest, causing leaves to swirl about chaotically.  Libbey and I were hunkering down together on the sofa, safe and sound, when a large tree branch broke lose from above...

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